Maxi Dress Edit


    Nothing hanging in your wardrobe, or soon to be hanging in your wardrobe, is more
    elegant and impactful than a maxi dress. Never does awards season come and go
    without a whole host of inspired full length dresses gracing the red walkways;
    paragons of high glamour as they are. Our own deep plunge maxi in a distinctive
    shade of pink sand wouldn’t look out of place on a stars of the big screen. Nor
    would our beautiful statement pink halterneck with a statement peplum.

    It’s for their automatic association with dressing up, however, that they can feel
    tricky to wear day-to-day. Luckily, the rules changed some time ago, freeing the
    potential of the maxi dress to become a fully functional wardrobe item. It’s all in
    the styling. A light knit thrown over the top, dare to wear a pair of trainers or a
    long sleeve top underneath. Granted, this doesn’t work for every style, but it
    certainly does for some.