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    THE SS17 CAMPAIGN LOCATION Photographed by Dave Alexander Written by Hannah Donovan

    The spring campaign shoot location: a dream-like, modernist setting with an
    enthralling backstory. The design team had been exploring Miami and were
    so inspired by the city’s Art Deco affiliation that the campaign location had
    to reflect their newfound love for the movement.
    Read the AQ/AQ spring campaign story
    In Pevensey Bay, East Sussex, is a building known as The Sandcastle –
    a majestic, modernist building set back from the shore. The place was built
    in 1934 for actor Nick Princeps and his famous dancer/singer wife Anita
    Elson. It was designed as a weekend retreat; a place to host friends and
    throw raucous parties. There was a terrace for sunning and a turquoise pool
    for dipping; acres of land with squash and tennis courts; and mirrors lining
    the walls of every room so that the sky and sea was reflected no matter
    where guests wandered.
    It’s impossible not to draw parallels with F. Scott Fitzgerald’s The Great
    Gatsby – in which lavish parties were thrown in a beautiful Art Deco house
    by the sea. A place where Rolls-Royces pulled in on a Friday night and
    didn’t leave until Sunday.
    Read the AQ/AQ spring campaign story
    The current owners of The Sandcastle, when they bought the building in
    2007, had to carefully pull away years of refurbishments – from wartime
    occupation to a cottage facade – to reveal the spectacular original.
    Now its pool is restored to former glory, the clean lines of its first design
    have been reinstated and the place stands like a glorious anachronism
    reigning over the bay. No better place for our spring campaign shoot.