Identical twins are both fascinating and enigmatic.

    They look the same, sound the same and

    even have the same expressions.

    But do they?

    The twin stars of our winter campaign enlighten us.

    The Watson Twins

    An Interview

    Are you close?

    "We're really close and do a lot together,

    but we also have our own friendship groups."

    Do you dress the same?

    "The only time we wear the same clothes is when

    we want to know what something looks like –

    the other one just tries it on!"

    Describe each other's styles

    Kate: "Amy's style is trendy but relaxed. We like dressing up and

    being casual equally."

    Amy: "Kate's style is similar to mine. We always share clothes."

    Have you ever switched places?

    "People close to us can tell us apart so, with them, it's impossible

    to get away with it. As to switching places in other scenarios

    ...we couldn't possibly say."